PHE Projects Could Strengthen Impact by Intentionally Using HIPs

HIPs briefs help the family planning community achieve better outcomes by providing guidance on lessons learned and tips for whom to target and how.

To strengthen the impact of their activities, PHE projects should strategically consider how to leverage the HIPs they currently implement and explore opportunities to strengthen their projects by using additional HIPs. PHE projects should also improve measuring and reporting on any and all use of HIPs.


When supported by other HIPs and HIP Enhancements, the potential effectiveness of a HIP such as Community Health Workers (CHWs) increases. Consider using the following to support CHWs:

  • Policy HIP: If local and national policies prevent CHWs from providing injectable or long-acting reversible contraceptives, target policymakers with advocacy messages.5
  • Social Marketing HIP: When CHWs use social marketing products, the income generated by the sale of the brand-name products can serve as motivation for their work.6
  • Digital Health for Systems HIP Enhancement: CHWs can use mobile phones to enhance their interactions with clients and supervisors and to be up-to-date on contraceptive stock availability.7